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Hi! In a world where so many of us regularly get the message that we are flawed, I think it is important to start by saying something that we might not hear so regularly, which is, that it is okay to be you. But if I’m being honest, being yourself is not always an easy thing to do. As a therapist, I place priority in creating a therapy environment where clients feel safe to share the most authentic versions of themselves without fear of judgement. In addition to a safe therapeutic space, my goal is to assist clients on their paths towards self -expression and self-acceptance no matter where they are in their journey. My areas of focus include psychological assessment, counseling therapy with pediatric, adolescent and adult clients, and African American psychology. While an important component, a focus on symptoms or labels are used to better tailor interventions rather than to define a client.

My approach to assessment and therapy can be described as person-centered with consideration given to culture, authenticity, and exploration of purpose. This simply means that my clients and I work together to identify either areas for growth or areas of importance and then developing a plan that assists them in moving towards these goals. My counseling sessions have been described as “conversational”, “non-judgmental”, and “real”, which makes sense because that is my own intention as I walk through life. My goal is to share acceptance and authenticity with my clients and assist in incorporating these traits into their lives. Thank you for reading this brief introduction! Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in exploring a client-therapist or assessment relationship.

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