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Building, expanding, and healing a family takes time, work, and support. Maybe you’ve never seen the life, the relationship, the family, or the parenting style that you are trying to create, or maybe something is actively holding you back and your current patterns are leaving you feeling stuck. I am here to support individuals, couples, and families in accessing the tools to get through this. Your entire life has lead you to this very moment, and we may need to take a deeper look at what your younger self would need to be able to figure out what you need today.

Through a direct relational approach and empathy development, we will explore what may be triggered by your romantic relationship or the barriers between your mother/daughter relationship so that you may love and connect with more compassion and understanding. Through mindfulness, we will hold space for your anticipation of bringing your little one into the world and your ever changing experience through pregnancy. Through body awareness and building an intentional self care practice, we will navigate the necessary care and support needed through your postpartum journey. With additional resources, our postpartum work can provide specific support through the hurdles that may arise with breastfeeding (which includes pumping and combination feeding!), if that is a part of your journey. Through an integrative and holistic approach, we will work through the everydays of parenting and preparing to be a parent. With a keen focus on the emotional experience of each family member, we can work through the unique and dynamic intricacies of blending families. 

My trauma-informed, emotion focused, mindful, and attachment based approach looks to support you with taking a step out of your head, and back into your body, so that you can enjoy your present moment with more grace, joy, and gratitude. The life you deserve is right there; let’s get curious, compassionate, and intentional together.

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Amani-Breanna Alexander, AMFT, APCC, RYT, RPYT
Supervised by Rebecca Newton, LMFT #104658

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Starting in January 2023