I am a mixed race (black and white) clinician and feel this gives me a unique perspective to mental health. Life can be mentally, emotionally, and at times physically exhausting. Trauma (racial, religious, or anywhere in between), work stress, marital strife, chronic illness and the like can at times feel magnified and the weight feel heavy, but I see you. Life is full of ups and downs and mental health is one of those things that can keep us feeling great or wanting to crawl into a hole. Sometimes we need validation and to feel seen, sometimes we need to vent and have someone listen, sometimes we need practical tips and tricks to move forward. I’m passionate about meeting you where you’re at and providing the support you need.

I believe every person is unique and this requires a therapeutic approach specific to everyone I see. I take a person centered approach because you are the expert of what it means to be in your body and live your life. One of the greatest skills I can provide to you is the ability to understand how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are interconnected so that you remain in control of your life instead of feeling like you are at the mercy of your diagnosis or circumstance. I believe in order to build a successful therapeutic relationship there needs to be trust, safety, acceptance, empathy and understanding.

It takes tremendous courage and strength to invite someone into your life at a time you feel less than. I believe the best relationships, including therapeutic ones, form when people see you and have a willingness/desire to sit with you in the hard times, and put in the work to build trust, safety, acceptance, empathy and understanding. You matter to me, what you're going through matters to me, your goals matter to me, and your life matters to me.

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