Welcome to my profile 🙂 Are you burned out from experiencing the same cycles and patterns in life? Are you searching for peace, joy, and fulfillment in life? If you are facing struggles, challenges, and concerns within yourself and/or in relationships with others, I am capable to collaborate with you through steps and stages in order for you to reconnect to the true you...the you that wants to be heard and activated to live purposefully.
My focus is not only healthy changes, but healing. I pull from psychological and spiritual interventions for the purposes of healing from the past, recognizing the impact of the present, and building skills & awareness to write the future narrative you desire. I also offer workshops and courses based on personal growth, self care, and healing methodologies.
Therapy services can be metaphorically connected to a journey ; it is important to unpack bulky items, pack essentials, and take in the sights with new levels of awareness and insights. I would be happy to speak with you/you both in order to see if you/you both see me as your trekking partner 🙂

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