**Website is currently experiencing technical difficulties, however, I AM taking new clients, please email and/or call me and I will get back with you as soon as possible. 1/20/2023- Alysha Williams, LCSW**

I completely understand that sometimes life happens and we aren't sure what to do or how to show up. My goal is to be your cheerleader! Empowering and educating you to consistently show up in life, in spite of everything negatively impacting your journey. So let's begin this journey of seeking healing, wholeness and obtaining community. Therapy, simply put, is having someone to assist you in organizing your thoughts, to remind you of things that you know you know, and to educate and challenge your perspective, while also empowering you in the midst of life happening.
The Theranista lives by looking as good as you feel and feeling as good as you look. Ultimately, you cannot truly enjoy one without the other. The term Theranista was coined out of the combined passion for mental wellness and chic style. I person thrive off of the razzle dazzle of life and believe that everyone should experience it internally and externally.
I am currently accepting new clients (in-person & virtually). Take this leap and know you are supported in this journey that may appear dark now, that will soon shine so brightly. Now that you have looked, the next step is to make contact (via phone or email) I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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