Are you facing the challenges of anxiety, depression, major life transitions, or overwhelming life stressors? I, Allyson Graham, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate, am here to support you on your journey toward healing and resilience.

About Me:
I am dedicated to creating a safe and affirming space for Black women and girls to explore their emotions, navigate life's complexities, and build resilience. With a compassionate and culturally sensitive approach, I specialize in addressing anxiety, depression, and major life transitions.

Emphasizing Resiliency:
Life can be tough, and resilience is a powerful tool that I believe in cultivating within each client. Resilience isn't about avoiding difficulties but developing the strength to navigate them. I will work collaboratively with you to build the skills needed to face life's challenges with courage and strength.

Therapy is a Journey, Not a Quick Fix:
I understand that therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution or a magic cure. It's a process that requires time, commitment, and a trusting therapeutic relationship. Together, you and me will embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth. Through tailored interventions and evidence-based techniques, I will help you navigate the complexities of your unique experience.

Why Counseling With Me?
- Culturally competent and affirming counseling
- Personalized approach to address your unique needs
- Safe and confidential space for self-exploration
- Focus on building resilience for long-term well-being
- Support for anxiety, depression, major life transitions, and life
Take the first step toward healing and empowerment. I am ready to support you on your journey. Your mental health matters, and you deserve a space where you can thrive.

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    North Carolina
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    Daytime (9a - 5p), Evening (after 5p), Weekend (Sat/Sun)
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