Hi There,

After receiving my BA in Psychology from California State University, Northridge and my MA in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University I found my calling in supporting and assisting adolescents and their parents with navigating educational, emotional and mental health needs on middle and high school campuses. I quickly recognized my true joy and passion advocating for the social and emotional wellness of students and decided to broaden my scope of practice to working with students and clients of all ages and varieties. Ever since, I have enjoyed taking what I have learned from these experiences and applied them to specializing in working with diverse populations to decrease impairing symptoms of anxiety and mood disorders to improve daily functioning and quality of life.

One of the most significant lessons that I have I learned is how to develop a uniquely personable Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic style. I like to collaborate with my clients to help them create a greater sense of confidence in their own abilities and gain a better understanding of the problem and a treatment strategy. I believe in an interactive client/person-centered approach to therapy and enjoy playing a supportive role in helping clients, interns and trainees develop skills whereby they can change their own thinking and problematic emotions and behaviors.

I value unconditionally welcoming and accepting diverse clientele and believe in fostering an environment of empathy and compassion to create a safe and trustworthy space. I place importance on meeting clients at their level of comfort and patiently guiding them through positive change toward positive results. For the past few decades of working with individual clients, couples and families, I have held these principles at the center of my practice and considers them the foundation of therapeutic success!

I recognize that it can be difficult to put daily expectations and demands aside and make self-care a priority. However I also know that there are times for all of us when life is humbling and reminds us that we are simply human. It is in these times when we have the choice to do the most human thing possible and reach out for help. I look forward to being your choice for support and working together soon!


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