My goal as a therapist is to build healing relationships and hold spaces of gentleness, care, growth, and deep rest for and with Q+ BIPOC folks, particularly queer Black women, femmes, and mixed race people. I support those I work with in carving out spaces for freedom, joy, and choice while navigating multiple oppressive forces. I aspire to co-create futures for myself and BIPOC communities beyond colonialism, capitalism, and white supremacy within and outside my clinical work.

I specialize in working with those who have experienced various forms of trauma such as sexual, relational, intergenerational, racial, and attachment trauma. Often trauma profoundly affects how we treat ourselves and others, and makes it difficult to feel at home in our bodies. In our work together we will explore how to reconnect with your body and foster a greater sense of choice and agency in your life.

Theoretical & Clinical Orientation:

My clinical orientation is grounded in Black feminism, with the understanding that we each have unique intersectional identities that inform how we experience the world, and have the right to determine who we are and how we live. I believe our experiences of oppression and marginalization profoundly affect our mental health and healing is an integral part of creating transformative communities and a just world.

Attachment-focused psychodynamic theory provides a lens for understanding how our early experiences inform our current relational patterns. I use this theory because I believe that we play out our subconscious fears and desires in our closest relationships. When we can recognize our cyclical behaviors we are able to more intentionally build healthier and more transformative connections and communities.

I utilize aspects of Somatic Experiencing (SE), a form of body-based trauma therapy, to support you in processing trauma. I choose to implement SE because it aligns with various BIPOC ancestral forms of healing that center a mind-body-soul perspective. I also use SE because it provides an avenue for healing the embodied nature of intergenerational trauma.

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