I'm honored to join you on your pathway towards peace and healing. If you find yourself repeating behaviors or patterns in relationships that no longer work for you, you may benefit from healing work. We often repeat undesirable and unwanted behaviors because of past hurts and traumas. These may be things we have no control over now, but that very much affect who we are and how we move around in the world today. From these past hurts that are being carried in our bodies, we may be experiencing anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts about ourselves, among other things. There are ways you can heal from the pain and create different, healthier, and more fulfilling paths!

Our mind, body, and soul are all connected and function the best they can, given our life experiences. I love to use modalities such as Brainspotting and EMDR, integrative therapies that help people heal ALL aspects of themselves. What is held and experienced in our body is also in our brain, and what is in our brain is held and experienced in our body.

YOU are the expert of your life! I'm not here to tell you what you're doing wrong, but to walk alongside you, giving you healing tools as you find your way towards balance, health, and happiness. You will find my space one of acceptance and harmony. A relationship built on trust and honesty, ensuring that you feel seen and heard, leads to growth and healing.

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