“I should be over this by now”. Whether it be from a romantic relationship, a fallout with a family member or a broken friendship. Heartbreak hurts, and you just want to feel better already. Sometimes, that hurt can immobilize you and it’s extremely difficult to move forward. Oftentimes, heartbreak can even begin before an actual breakup. You don’t have to navigate this heavy time period alone. Working with a relationship specialist who understands this process and your feelings will help get you back to feeling like yourself.

I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs reclaim their time, lives, and relationships after heartbreak has disrupted their ecosystem. I use a collaborative and customized approach to help individuals and couples get back on track and refocus on what’s most important: Love of self and/or love of your partner(s).

No matter the stage of heartbreak (anticipating it to happen, currently in the emotional throws, or ready to move on with your life), it can be difficult to take the first step. Feel free to visit the website, take a look around, and schedule a 15 minute phone consultation with me to see if we're a good fit for one another and discuss other services offered.

Cost per session:
Individual - $105
Couples - $150
*Self-pay only*

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