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👋🏽If there was a way for you to move past that thing that is keeping you stuck, would you do it?

Are you coming across the same issue over and over again? Have you had faith in one area of your life but there seems to be another area that keeps coming up? Do you wish that you could just get over it and move to the other side of being stuck?

There’s one, maybe even two or three areas in your life where you just feel stuck and you have tried so many things to move past it and you just don’t know how. You know that this thing almost feels like it’s holding you hostage and it can literally keep you up at night.

It almost feels like you have one foot on the gas because you want to move but for every 1 step forward, you take 2 steps back, which makes you put your foot on the break, so you’re not moving anywhere.

It wouldn’t bother you as much if you felt like you hadn’t just prayed about this thing last year, last month, last week. You see other people moving forward in their lives, their relationships and their businesses and you want to move forward too. You feel like you are moving in a cycle just going over the same thing again and again.

If you are ready to move past your hurt, anger, anxiety, depression, lack of vision and purpose, I would love to help.

My purpose is to help women get well emotionally, mentally and spiritually so that you can fully walk in your purpose and the woman that you've been called to be. Click here to schedule free 15 minute consultation https://calendly.com/alisha-currywalker/15min

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