Do you give more than you get in your relationships? Perhaps, you fear that you are unlovable or unworthy? Are you struggling to say ‘no’ or feeling unable to speak your truth? Could you use some help with your self-esteem, close relationships, or your career? With compassion, I hold an emotionally safe space to allow you to feel witnessed, understood, and supported as you process your thoughts and feelings. Processing your thoughts and feelings in my therapeutic container will provide you with clarity, increased self-mastery, and the ability to resolve obstacles to pursuing your heart’s desires.

You would benefit from working with me if you are a highly sensitive, empathic, intuitive individual or couple who is centered in spiritual knowing. I often assist LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC folks who identify as non-traditional, non-monogamous, &/or non-heteronormative. I specialize in helping my clients overcome inner conflict, relational conflict, relational trauma, sexual trauma, spiritual trauma, childhood trauma, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt, shame, & codependency.

Through unconditional positive regard, humor, straightforward insight, metaphor, & analogy, I provide the tools to help you restore your ability to manifest emotional wellbeing, behavioral balance, & interpersonal harmony. By prioritizing self-acceptance, self-integrity, and self-nurturing, you can co-create a satisfying experience of yourself, your romantic partner(s), your friends, and your family members.

If this resonates with you, please reach out.

My fee is $189/appointment and I respond within 24 hours.

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