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Are you feeling down? Experiencing complex trauma? Relational conflict? Overwhelmed by painful feelings and unhelpful behaviors? Judging yourself for it? It’s really tough; I have been there too. Your intuition & intention to feel better have led you here to access my in-depth personal experience, professional wisdom, & multi-dimensional awareness to help you identify, cultivate, & capitalize on your inherent strengths to manifest energetic wellbeing, behavioral balance, & interpersonal harmony.

I believe in you & your ability to heal & to create relational satisfaction with yourself & your current and/or future partner(s).

My clients often identify as highly sensitive, empathic, intuitive, &/or as BIPOC individuals/couples who identifies as non-traditional, non-monogamous, &/or non-heteronormative. I create a safe space for minorities & deviation from social norms. I empower my clients to develop a practice of prioritizing emotional safety, self-understanding, & self-acceptance because it is only when we extend this loving vibration of emotional safety to ourselves that we can extend it to our closest loved ones.

With this in mind, it is my intention to attune to your thoughts and feelings as you process your lived experiences to give you a felt sense of resonance and emotional safety that will allow you to feel seen, heard, and known.

I offer genuine warmth & straightforward insight with empathy, unconditional positive regard, intuitive humor, metaphor, & analogy to facilitate gradual recovery from spiritual trauma, sexual abuse trauma, relational trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, anger, grief, shame, guilt, codependency, childhood abuse, & domestic abuse (verbal, emotional, physical).

I draw on my intuitive awareness to help you make sense of your experiences, to attune to your own intuitive gifts, and to develop a constructive relationship with your feelings to intentionally expand beyond any old patterns of thought, behavior, and speech that no longer serve you.

Feeling your feelings, reflecting on your thoughts, and gaining new insights into your behavior will allow you to embody the vibratory thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that cultivate ancestral healing from the inside out, thus restoring self-trust, self-love, and self-integrity to equip you with the ability to manifest self protection, self-appreciation, and the co-creation of satisfying and mindful relationships with yourself, your romantic partner(s), your friends, and your family.

If you resonate with my offerings, please reach out.

I will respond within 24 hours.

The fee is $189/appointment.

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