I get it! I completely understand the many demanding roles we have in life and all the complexities in between. Balancing our many different roles can be a daily challenge. As a licensed therapist, for many years I have had the pleasure of assisting people from all walks of life with discerning and developing their overall life's direction in ways that provide lasting fulfillment. My services have assisted couples and individuals with identifying personalized methods of expression!

No matter where we perceive our deceits to be, it's ultimately up to us to recognize them and graciously move towards a path of healing. As a seasoned clinician I have coached others in achieving positive, peaceful, and purposeful lifestyles. My approach enables an organic alliance between professional and client where the therapeutic experience prompts you as the client to clearly define your truth as an individual in a world that often denies you from accessing your authentic self.

My services connect your head and heart in a way that transforms your passion for life into personalized goals that propel you forward. Feel empowered as my methods challenge you to unveil or reconnect with the treasures in your life, even if these revelations or connections appear to be obscured or concealed. Allow me to assist you with walking into the next chapter of your life whole. Come into the next phase of your life healed!

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