Life can be filled with many hardships and disappointments of which we have no control over. However, we do have the ability to choose how we perceive and respond to these unfortunate events. Perspective is key! Accepting the past, adjusting to life's unexpected changes, and learning to forgive yourself and others is never easy, but it is possible. We are all prone to experiencing feelings of guilt, depression, anxiety, anger, hopelessness, and a loss sense of self at some point in life, but together we can formulate a plan to help guide you towards a better future inspired by purpose, passion, and healing. Using CBT, REBT, along with solution- focused techniques, I help clients identify unhealthy thinking patterns and gain emotional intelligence. This, in turn, allows them to form and maintain healthy relationships with others while promoting self-awareness within themselves. I work with both teenagers (ages 13+) and adults.

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