You can have pleasure and joy in your life, even in the midst of pain and oppression. “Pleasure activism is the work we do to reclaim our whole, happy, and satisfiable selves from the impacts, delusions, and limitations of oppression and/or supremacy.” - adrienne maree brown I believe that healing begins with listening to our bodies, both the physical and the collective. We must learn to recognize the stories we tell ourselves and those we have yet to challenge. We must uncover what keeps us from understanding our innate power, pursuing pleasure, connecting to purpose, and living peacefully.
Holistic healing is the operative theme of my therapeutic practice. I'm committed to being alongside people of all ages, backgrounds, and identities in their journey towards thriving. I'm passionate about serving the LGBTQIA+ community and people of color. As a humxn at the intersection of various forms of oppression, I get how hard life can be sometimes.
Let's collaborate on your path to liberation. I'm here for youth and adults with LGBTQ+ parents. I'm here for QTPOC military and veterans. I'm here for Black femmes. I'm here for queer people. I'm here for those who are on a journey to improve physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Let's use your whole self to find your power. It's there.

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