Aleshia believes that acceptance of self, flaws, and all, is the foundation for effective change and
communication. Being able to have an intimate knowledge of how you see the world will help you to be
a better human in all aspects of your life including but not limited to…dare I say it…relationships, work,
and social life. Aleshia’s ideal clients are struggling with acceptance of who they are and struggling to be
unapologetically themselves. They face constant worry and overthinking about how others view and
judge them thereby making it difficult to reach their potential.
Using a combination of person-centered therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, Aleshia helps
individuals and couples tackle things like overthinking, anxiety, depression, lack of decision-making, lack
of acceptance, communication, difficulties with setting boundaries and more. These are things that can
be helped and there is hope for change.
Aleshia attended Dallas Baptist University for her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She later attended
Argosy University Dallas where she received a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She
has worked with adults, families, and couples who feel like they are at an impasse and ready for change.

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