Hey Sis! Are you the superwoman type who looks put together on the outside, yet on the inside you’re falling apart? I know, you are the strong resilient type that doesn’t really need help. Well guess what, being strong and resilient can be exhausting. It’s about time for you to take off your superwoman cape, remove the S off your chest, and feel truly supported. Supported in your dreams, your goals, your relationships, your health, your finances. Trying to do it all by yourself can feel overwhelming and can increase both anxiety and depression.

I'm the "Hey Sis! Therapist" providing compassionate and culturally sensitive care to high achieving women of color. As an Black Expressive Arts Therapist and EMDR clinician in Boston and Charlotte we can use music, movement, visual art, and creative writing to manage anxiety, depression and trauma.

Want to get off the hamster wheel of life and start feeling whole again visit my website to schedule your 15 minute free phone call. I’d be honored to be your guide towards living a life full of holistic healing and ultimate freedom.

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