Sometimes we get stuck in patterns. We may struggle with self-acceptance, find ourselves in a "You vs. Me" relationship dynamic, feel detached from our sexual self, or feel hopeless about our situation because we tried multiple solutions that just didn't seem to work. Deep down we want better for ourselves but we just don't know how to achieve it. This is where therapy can help. Think of therapy as a unique place that yanks you out of your everyday life and gives you or your relationship(s) the space to be vulnerable and heard, to have a better and more accurate understanding of what you or your relationship need.

Think of me as a guide accompanying you on your therapeutic journey who can offer you insight and my knowledge on relationships, sex and intimacy, family and cultural dynamics, trauma, and healing. My job is to use my years of expertise to help identify the obstacles in your path of growth and offer you a plan or suggestions to overcome those obstacles.

As a culturally competent therapist, I enjoy working with people and relationships from all backgrounds. With empathy, patience, and validation I help my clients to identify and dismantle unhealthy patterns, unpack shame, improve close relationships and achieve long-needed growth. Feel free to email me for a free 15-minute consultation.

Therapy Fee:
Individual Therapy, Relationship Therapy, and Sex Therapy range between $140-$175 per session.

**I am unable to accept insurance at this time.**

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