You want support working through any and all of the stress, overwhelm, anxiety and depression you’re going through.

And you also want to work with a therapist of color who GETS it, who’s willing to address issues related to systemic injustice, bias, and racism along with everything else you bring to the table.

You want to be seen and heard from someone with a shared life experience.

As a person of color you really want to receive therapy from a therapist of color.

I get it.

And I want to be that therapist for you.

Being a person of color has been my greatest blessing and most persistent challenge.

There are so many challenges that I and many other people of color have and continue to face daily.

Our mental health can begin to be impacted by the emotional and physical toll of wearing many facades and attempting to overcome these “invisible” stressors.

As a person of color and therapist of color one of my main life missions is to empower other people of color.

I hope that through our journey together, you are able to feel empowered and safe enough to let go of any facades you may otherwise feel you need to have to be your true self in the room with me.

That’s where the healing starts I would be honored to support you on your journey. I look forward to hearing from you.

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