Life is hard enough, and you deserve to have the deepest and sweetest relationship with yourself and your surrounding world! A sex life full of passion, romance, and desire! My goal is to help individuals and couples develop skills in intimacy, vulnerability, and effective
communication to foster their most pleasurable sexual experiences.

It’s time for you to develop a more intimate relationship with yourself that can transcend into all aspects of your life. My ideal clients are new to sensuality exploration, motivated to grow, and challenge their current ideology surrounding sex and relationships.

Typical issues clients bring to therapy are dating and relationship issues, difficulties with assertive communication inside and outside the bedroom, sexual dysfunctions, lack of intimacy, sexual curiosity, difficulties with boundary setting, sexual shame and trauma.

If you are curious about kink and BDSM and alternative relationship styles, this is the space for you!

Are you ready for the next step in your journey?! Schedule your first session and let’s get started!

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