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Hi there! Sometimes life can be emotionally and mentally exhausting. We give so much energy to our roles as a father, mother, wife, co-worker, daughter, son, etc, that we forget to pour back into ourselves. I believe self-care is not an indulgence, but a means of self preservation. Allow me to provide a safe haven where you can just focus on YOU! Stress is inevitable, but change is possible, its time to put you first!

At Advocations we operate with this same purpose - being a mental health advocate . Here, it is not just about reading the latest book or taking the hottest class to be able to call yourself a great counselor. It's about also being able to dig into your own history and diverse experiences with clients to be a true advocate.

A mental health advocate...

-Is personable and energetic about getting you on a path towards fulfillment and a sense of belonging
-Is non-judgement and welcoming even in the deepest depths of conversation on mental health
-Holds you and themselves accountable in helping you build the right plan and approach to achieve growth
-Supports you in ensuring that your mental health needs are met both internally and externally

Advocations is a community as much as it is a therapeutic practice. And with each session we give all that have to put you in a place to succeed as well as a space to just be - be you."

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