You have to be strong. All. The. Damn. Time. And that’s just become too much. Even for you. You have BIG feelings and may even cry when you’re alone, but hide them so the world can’t use them against you. You’re exhausted. But you can’t slow down for fear of what may happen if painful memories overwhelm you. Your internal voice is relentlessly mean and you want to shut it up, but you don’t even know if it’s possible to truly accept yourself. You know far too many people have too much access to your physical space or emotional energy, but you learned this is how to keep people around and saying “no” leaves you alone or rejected.

Everyone deserves to slow down, connect, and heal. Therapy does that. You can fully show up, break down, and rebuild yourself here. There’s space for all of it! The process may be tough. But recognizing your strength and gaining insight will help change how you engage with yourself & others, and how you move through the world. You are worth the work.

If anything above resonates with you, I can promise you there’s one other person who gets it: Me. I look forward to us journeying through laughter, tears, hard work, and real talks. I’ll believe in you even when you can’t. I know you have everything inside you to live the life you desire and deserve. Let’s bring it out. It’s safe now. You ready? Just call.

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