Do you struggle with healing your emotional wounds and engaging in self-care ? Are you able to connect to your sense of meaning and purpose? When circumstances go awry, we often try to reason with it or respond critically towards ourselves and others. We rely on assumptions based on external factors, rather than examining our internal self. Being in therapy asks us to challenge ourselves with a pragmatic lens rather than challenging the situation or others. Therapy is a healthy and interactive dialogue helping you to achieve and celebrate empowerment, acceptance, and fulfillment as a duty and responsibility to ourselves.
I utilize a multi-cultural framework to work with clients struggling with codependence, relationship conflict, building a healthy self-image and confidence, acculturation and third culture identity formation, and mood fluctuations. As a therapist of color, I recognize the importance of understanding your values and beliefs with cultural respect.
The core of my therapeutic work is creating a space that encourages support, insight, and change. My aim is to help you draw awareness into developing your own coping strategies, engage in creative problem solving, and highlight your personal strength and resiliency. With a curious perspective, we will work together to allow your story to energize you.

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