We all have had experiences with life’s ups and downs. Whether it be depression, loss of a loved one, issues with faith, or a life change, it can be hard to navigate. I see everyone as someone who is worthy of having their voices heard. My goal is to come alongside you, to help you reach your goals in ways that are sustainable, evidence-based, and fit your lifestyle! People who want to rediscover who they are, process deep wounds and traumas, and maintain quality mental health, have a special place in my heart.

My specialties include people who have experienced racial or faith-related trauma, relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, and loss of identity. These types of trauma affect aspects of people that they consider a big part of themselves, yet it is often overlooked. By focusing in these areas there is often more holistic healing.

Starting therapy can be hard. You may feel that you're broken, that you should be able to get it together yourself. That's not true. It takes bravery to seek help. Strength to recognize that you can't do it alone. I'm here to support you in this journey and help you gain the healing you deserve.

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Generational Healing: Processing the generational trauma that impacts us as black women

Hello Everyone! I will be starting a generational trauma group for black women in September!

This group will be virtual and meet every other week. I will be capping the member amount to 8, but will create additional group time with enough interest.

I will also be doing a free 15 minute phone consult before officially admitting anyone to the group.

Please feel free to share this with clients, friends, or family members!

Register: https://bit.ly/GenerationalTraumaGroup

7 session biweekly group meetings

1. September 14th: What Happens in the House, Stays in the House
2. September 28th: Stop Crying or I’ll Give You Something to Cry About
3. October 12th: Fix Your Face or I’ll Fix it For You
4. October 26th: Just Pray About It
5. November 9th: Why You Actin’ Funny?
6. November 30th: You Too Good for Us?
7. December 14th: Okay, Superwoman! I See You!

$40 per session

Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 pm