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Are you feeling exhausted, low energy, having trouble sleeping, feeling sad or down? Are you having excessive fears or worry or extreme feelings of guilt? Are you having difficulty coping with daily problems or stress? Do you feel withdrawn from friends and activities? Have you noticed drastic mood changes of highs and lows?

There is a reason why you feel the way you do, and there is help. I am here to listen, empathize, and try to understand how these issues affect you and your loved ones. Remember, your mental health can affect your physical health.

Mental Health issues can present differently in individuals. Therefore, it is essential to treat the individual and not the diagnosis. Together we can work to identify the problem and develop a mutually agreed-upon treatment plan. The person-centered care is at the forefront of my practice model. This model allows us to prioritize your well-being.

Taking the first step to seek support for mental health issues can be intimidating, but this is the beginning of taking charge of your health. You deserve to live your optimal life.

In our sessions together, I will meet you with compassion, respect, and evidence-based knowledge so you can optimize your ability to respond to internal and environmental challenges.

Make the connection today, and let’s partner together!

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