Everyone deserves a soft place to land, to gather and explore themselves deeply. I hope to provide this for all of my clients. I believe everyone has a story to be told and a self to be explored. As a psychotherapist, I utilize depth psychology and psychoanalytic techniques as well as other skill building and behavioral tools to support you on your journey, and help you manage any bumps that may occur along the way. My colleagues and clients in the past have described me as calm, supportive, intuitive and nonjudgemental. I’d love to walk alongside individuals and couples as they embark on their own unique paths towards self discovery, healing and authentic living. Although this is not always an easy process and at times can be difficult, you are worth the journey (and you’re not alone!). I believe people have the power to shift their thinking, feelings and relationship patterns when insights arise in a safe and nurturing relationship with a therapist. I have a deep respect for the folks I work with and I am in constant awe of their courage and commitment towards their own betterment.

Currently I virtually offer:
-Individual Psychotherapy
-Couples Psychotherapy
-Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

If you’re interested in working with me, visit my website and book a free consultation to see if we are a good fit.

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