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Achieving Joy is a community of therapists who guide individuals, couples, and groups towards genuine healing. We achieve this by helping people understand the importance of knowing themselves, accepting their authentic truth, and creating a life that’s reflective of their soul goals. In this process, we transmute generational trauma into joy and assist all in accomplishing the life they truly want!

We’re here to guide you through the process of self discovery. We hold your dreams and help fuel movement towards them by redefining your past. We work as a team to address your multifaceted nature and concerns. For couples/groups, we guide you through healthy communication, genuine validation, and the opportunity to create authentic solutions.

Our vision is to empower LGBTQIA+ folx and other diverse communities by offering skills to build strong, meaningful relationships as you manifest the life you desire.

Our mission is to help you:
Greatly decrease the impact of historical trauma
Increase relationship satisfaction
Create internal restitution practices
Fortify yourself & your desires

We provide:

Individual Counseling
Individual therapy will assist you in breaking out of old patterns. This is done by discovering alternate ways of thinking, exploring new behaviors, and replacing old habits that are no longer serving your greater life purpose or daily happiness. What will you lose by staying in the same place you are in now? Achieve Joy today!

Couples Counseling
All relationships require time and commitment. Achieving Joy works with you to build a stronger relationship with yourself and your partner(s).

Premarital Counseling
Achieving Joy creates a safe environment where couples can explore their individual needs. From there, we help couples identify how they can work together and support one another in being fulfilled. Topics that will be explored include:

Being out amongst family/friends/at work
Family Creation

Group Counseling
Self exploration does not have to occur alone. Group Counseling is an opportunity to investigate common issues with people who are in similar situations as yourself.

Counseling Package
Achieving Joy offers counseling packages designed to help you obtain/maintain the love and life you desire. Each package will assist you in moving towards your desired goal swiftly and efficiently. See our website for more details!

Below is a list of some of our recent programs, projects, and events (links + further details can be found on our website)

Healer Happy Hour
Healer Happy Hour is a free monthly event for healers (that includes therapist, reiki practitioners, counselors, diviners, anyone who does any form of healing) to convene and decompress.

Register here!: https://linktr.ee/achievingjoy

You're welcome to share this info with anyone you feel may be interested and we hope to see you there!

Return to Self
This February, we will be hosting our 2nd of 3 Return to Self masterclasses. Over the course of the day, you will:

Review and discuss the question, “Who comprises my internal community?”
Learn how to separate and identify each self
Uncover what each of your selves need in order to live in harmony with the others
Learn how to unify your selves so that all of you can work as a team towards your desires

And much more! Further details can be found here.

Other offerings (that can be found here):

The Clearing
The Clearing is a FREE 7-day inner-journey that invites you to explore where some of your values, beliefs, and habits in regards to relationships originated from.

It's the Joy for Me!
This free experience is for you if you’re tired of being tiiiired and looking to add more joy to your life! The exercises throughout this workshop will help you not only discover your desires, but also find ways to honor every single one.

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