My goal is to help you overcome anxiety, depression, and feelings of being overwhelmed by unlearning debilitating narratives that keep you physically, mentally and emotionally strained. My clients often describe themselves as over-achievers as they find themselves under the pressure of "doing it all", so much so that they disregard their humanity. They value other's opinions in order to gain and maintain a sense of self-worth. They may also find themselves desiring to be in control, driven by perfectionism and self-protection.

I help individuals explore and challenge beliefs and behaviors to create space to unlearn narratives that no longer serve them. I help clients redefine what it means to be "enough" or valuable and provide tools such as boundary setting, self-validation, mindfulness, etc., to help clients become at peace with their authentic selves and their humanity.

I'm honored to help you live a life in your truth in a world that is full of suggestions! Together, let's unlearn and relearn narratives that allow you to live life on your own terms! Visit my website and book your consultation today!

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