I have always been interested in the ways that people interact with each other. In college I majored in sociology, studying the ways culture and societies develop and change over time. Over time I became more interested in working directly with people and decided to become a therapist, completing my Master of Social Work at Loyola with a focus on children and families. I continue to have a strong interest in how each of us are shaped by our experiences, both within our family and broader culture, and how we change and evolve over time.

I have professional experience working in a variety of settings with adults, adolescents, and couples. I have previously worked in DCFS and private practice centered in family therapy. My clinical training includes CBT, psychodynamic theory, and Gottman training for couples. Clinical theory aside, my personal approach to treating clients is laced with openness, humor, and collaboration. Therapy is not a one size fits all process, nor a set of hoops for clients to jump through on the way to perfection. It is a collaborative experience and, just as there is a range of people with different personalities and different challenges, there are many approaches that we can use together. Whether I am working with adults, teenagers, or couples, I want to help them build fulfillment, confidence, and joy.

When not working, you might find me learning new art techniques, playing indie video games, watching cooking shows, or just spending time with friends and family. I am a very creative person and drawn to the arts so anything that encourages expression in an artistic sense piques my interest. I find this can be extremely helpful in therapeutic space as we are on a journey to achieve the best version on ourselves.

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