I know many of you approached this website with caution. Unsure if you were making the right decision to communicate your feelings to a stranger. Let me be the first to tell you YOU ARE MAKING THE RIGHT DECISION! Are you feeling stuck in life? Consistently feeling anxious or sad? Are you having trouble maintaining healthy relationships? Stagnant at work? Feeling purposeless? I understand what that feels like, and admire the courage it took for you to get here. A change is coming!
A Change Will Come Counseling Services lends itself to you as a safe space to express yourself. If you’re mad, we can talk about it. If you’re feeling stressed, and unsure of what direction your life is going in, we can make a plan together! I believe in providing cognitive behavioral therapy that is solution focused. I work with my clients to examine how our thought patterns impact how we feel, and ultimately dictate how we react and cope with trauma and change. Life will always give us lemons, much of which we cannot avoid! However, how we respond is always in our control!
You’ve already made the first step! You’re almost at that place you want to be in. That place where you break the chains that have been holding you down. That place where you can independently cope with life, on your terms. When you’re ready to put the work in, let’s do it together!
Currently, I am offering HIPPA compliant tele therapy via phone and video to do my part to stop the spread of COVID-19.
I look forward to the CHANGE in YOU.

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